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Class of 2025: College Decisions Dates and What to Do Afterwards

The below is a spreadsheet of dates you can expect to hear from each college regarding your application status:

Rejected? Remember, these admissions offices don’t know the complete you, so as hard as it may be, don’t take it personally. They were simply more attracted to someone else’s application (for whatever many reasons). Appeals are usually unsuccessful without major (and I mean it!) changes in circumstances. If you truly love that school, you could always transfer or try again for grad school!

Waitlisted? Don’t forget to opt-in to the waitlist if necessary. Read the letter that you received carefully. Strongly consider writing a Letter of Continued Interest and send supplement letters of recommendation, if applicable.

Accepted? Congratulations! Create a spreadsheet and add the school to your list. Read the acceptance letter very carefully. Note important factors like scholarship or aid offered, cost of tuition and board, major for that school, and deadlines to notify them, make a deposit, or send any other material. Most importantly, keep track of the deadline for the Statement of Intent to Register (SIR). For example, the SIR deadline for any UC is May 1st. Once you make your decision, inform other schools as well, typically done via an online portal, so that waitlisted students can have an opportunity.

Don’t simply choose the highest-ranked school on your list - it might not be the best match for you! Talk your decision out with friends and family. Take time to think clearly about where you will spend the next four years of your life (if not more - most students find their first job in the same city as their college). In the meanwhile, be sure to keep up your grades! After all, they conditionally accepted you because they liked what they saw. Don’t let senioritis take over.

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