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Drop Everything You are Doing and Take a Moment to Write Your Teachers A Thank-You Note ASAP!

by Meilin Obinata

It’s always good to be nice to the people who are amazing Monday through Friday, and teaching you through thick and thin: your teachers. They work and suffer just like you - except even more so. But did you know that thanking them is good for you? Let us count the ways!

1. Kindness actually makes your brain HAPPY. That’s right, you get boosts of serotonin and dopamine boost when you express thanks.

2. Appreciating awesome people is a classic means of creating relationships and connections. Something to keep in mind as you march towards letters of rec!

3. Manners are always in fashion. Despite the trend moving society towards Casual Friday and open floor plans, showing respect is a great skill which you will need, forever!

So the next chance you get, be sure to drop a thank-you note to one of your teachers to express your undying gratitude and appreciation!

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