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Liberal Arts Majors with High Earning Potentials

There are some students who just aren’t into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) majors, or they may not have shown any particular strengths in these science-related subjects. Now, what are some suitable college majors for these students?

In fact, when we use the definition of non-STEM subjects, we are referring to a much bigger set of subjects than with STEM. At many universities, there are far more non-STEM majors to choose from than STEM majors, such as business, humanities, social sciences, to name a few. While we live in a time where technology reigns supreme, STEM graduates aren’t the only ones earning high salaries.

Indeed, a world-leading recruitment website, has screened a group of non-STEM majors with high earning potential based on the data of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, and quite a few of them may come as unexpected. Now it’s time to break the old “liberal arts majors” stereotypes, and find out more:


Economics studies the distribution of wealth and resources in society, and it takes courses in inequality studies, political science, international relations, history, labor economics, and statistics.

Payroll and benefits managers: $108,523

Economists: $110,141

Actuaries: $116,273


Pedagogy prepares students to teach students of all ages, while also training students in education to develop a curriculum, manage institution day-to-day affairs, and more. Major courses in pedagogy include age-specific teaching methods, curriculum planning, child psychology, public goods, and special topics in education.

Curriculum Development: $53,319

Supervisor: $86,001

Principal: $114,164


Communication is the study of media processes, techniques and research, including advertising, journalism, social media, history of communication, global communication and public relations. According data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs and job salaries related to this major are as follows:

Media and Communications: $48,270

Social Media Strategist: $57,268

Media Manager: $62,586

Communications Director: $88,988

East Asian Languages

In addition to the study of the language itself, the major will also provide students with in-depth cultural and historical study.

Translation: $51,830

English Teacher (ESL English as a Second Language Learner): $54,350

University Faculty: $69,990

International Relations

International Relations studies international communication, law, economics, politics and culture to confront and deal with issues of international cooperation and disputes.

International Partnership Manager: $69,404

Corporate Communications Manager: $71,241

Research Analyst: $86,751


Geography studies the topics of land use, environmental changes, human impacts on the environment, techniques for tracking geographic issues, and land resource management.

Surveyor: $63,474

GIS Analyst: $64,314

GIS development: $102,352


Marketing is the study of business advocacy and understanding, and the search for specific consumers. It requires students to study history, techniques, research methods, techniques and planning.

Marketing Manager: $69,732

Sales Manager: $80,194

Marketing Director: $94,240


Philosophy studies philosophical history, theory and thought, with courses including dialectical thinking, analysis and argumentative writing.

Marketing Manager: $69,732

Sales Manager: $80,194

Marketing Director: $94,240

Public Policy

Public policy requires students to learn how to identify social and public problems, and give solutions to them, including evaluating and improving existing policies.

Social Services: $59,918

Statistical Analyst: $76,542

Policy Analyst: $86,885

Public Health

The study of this major involves topics in public health, responding to and preventing social health problems, social health education, and the promotion of healthy behaviors.

Security Professional: $61,314

Health Services Administration: $67,300

Epidemiologist: $83,070

Urban Studies

Urbanism is a discipline that brings together sociology, economics, political science, public health, and other social sciences to study cities and its residents. Those who study urbanism typically focus on studying environmental studies, food scarcity, urban planning, political influence, and more.

Urban planner: $68,093

Environmental scientist: $71,599

Visual Arts

Visual arts students learn to create subject-specific art using a variety of media materials and methods, study art history, and incorporate cultural values into art. Many visual arts programs develop students specialization in painting, sculpture, jewelry design, and electronic arts.

Art Designer: $48,130

Multimedia Artist/Animator: $75,270

Every student has a different set of skills, strengths, and interests. When students decide where to go to college, the best thing to do is to pick one that is a good fit with your background and long term goals. The same goes with choosing college majors.

Picking a major that is a good fit will allow students to achieve their best potentials, especially when the major and following career path is something that motivates them and pushes them forward, both during the stage of college applications and in the long run. At Enlighteens, we are dedicated to helping students thrive as individuals, and we take into account the students background, skills, interests, and family backgrounds to make sure that we are providing the fittest planning we can to every student and family.

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