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Summer Activities for Laggers

by Meilin Obinata

You’ve got at least a month of summer left and you have been sitting on the couch, driving your parents crazy with video-gaming / staring at your phone / Netflix / Twitch. Based on what you’ve heard on Instagram / Snapchat / Discord / Facebook, all your friends are doing interesting things while you have been snoozing at home. Your parents cut off your allowance because they are fighting with you for not doing anything (you are not as cute as a kitten when you are sitting on that couch). Now what?

Get A Job!

Hit the local mall and find out WHO IS HIRING??? Coffee shop, boba place, burger joint - doesn’t matter, you are APPLYING! Get your resume and government ID ready. Check the age limits to make sure you are eligible and make it clear that you will prioritize your work shift above everything else, even your League of Legends sessions. You can also use sites like Snagajob and Teens4Hire.

Make Your Own Job!

If no one is going to hire you, be sure to tell your neighbors that there is a new babysitter / tutor / housesitter / dogwalker / lawn cutter available. and be a great for posting ads, as is posting a flyer somewhere.

Volunteer Like A Maniac!

It’s time to stop by your local library / soup kitchen and / or create a volunteer profile on It’s super easy to use and you can even do searches for volunteering opportunities that are active. Best case scenario, you find something that you will keep doing during the school year, but even if you are only able to spend time in the summer, you will definitely learn something. You might even find a nonprofit you really like!

Now you know what to do - so - go do it!!!!

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