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UCLA Loves These 60 California Public High Schools!

UCLA is the second oldest campus in the University of California system. It includes a liberal arts college and twelve professional colleges. They offer a variety of undergraduate degree programs, including but not limited to Art and Architecture, Engineering and Applied Science, Music, Nursing, Public Affairs, and Drama, Film, and Television.

UCLA's comprehensive professional setting makes it one of the most popular universities in the United States. In the fall of 2022, they received 174,914 undergraduate applications (including undergraduate transfers), which makes it the most applied university in the United States that year.

Source: UCLA official website

As a public university, does UCLA have a preferred high school?

The University of California system has the most transparent and complete enrollment data among all universities in the United States. Every year, they announce the number of applicants, admissions, and enrollees of all UC branches from each high school.

According to their data, most of their applicants and admissions are from public high schools. Below is a compiled list of 60 California public high schools with more than 20 admissions for undergraduate freshmen in the Fall of 2022. The data includes the number of official applications, admissions, and the admission rate. It is then sorted from high to low according to the number of enrolled students.

UCLA 2022 Fall 2022 Fall California Public High School Admission Rankings

The Top 4 favored high schools admitted by UCLA are all in Northern California. Two of which are also selected by UC Berkeley, namely Lowell High School and Dougherty High School.

In the Fall 2022 application season, UCLA distributed 6,477 offers to 769 public high schools in California, which accounts for 50.4% of all offers issued that year. This is nearly 2,000 less than that of UC Berkeley, wherein 56.7% of their offers were given to California public high school applicants.

The above high schools received a total of 1,624 UCLA offers. Here are the public high schools with more than 20 UCLA admissions, divided by county:

▼ Los Angeles County: 415 offers among sixteen schools

▼ Santa Clara County: 322 offers among twelve schools

▼ Alameda County: 229 offers among eight schools

▼ Orange County: 199 offers among seven schools

▼ Contra Costa County: 139 offers among five schools

▼ San Diego County: 126 offers among five schools

▼ San Bernardino County: 72 offers among three schools

▼ Marin County: 45 offers among two schools

▼ San Francisco County: 58 offers from one school

▼ Yolo County: 24 offers from one school

Coming from a California public high school may seem like an advantage if you are thinking about applying to UCLA. However, being an internationally recognized institution they also consider applicants from different parts of the world. As such, if you are interested in applying to UCLA, you would need a guide in navigating the unique admissions process of the UC System. At Enlighteens, we are equipped with skilled consultants who are more than qualified to help you achieve your goals.

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