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What Colleges Will Require SAT Scores This Year?

This March, after the first wave of test-optional policies came out under the epidemic, MIT announced the resumption of standardized test requirements in their admissions process; all applicants were required to submit SAT/ACT scores.

Source: MIT Official Website

Purdue University is also about to officially resume requiring the submission of SAT/ACT scores in next year's application season. According to Purdue's official website, the university will maintain a test-optional policy for students who are applying this year, but starting from the next class of applicants (2024 Fall Admission), Purdue University will require students to submit a standardized test score.

Source: Purdue University Official Website

The Georgia Institute of Technology, a popular choice for prospective science and engineering students university, also requires applicants to submit SAT/ACT scores, in response to requirements from the University System of Georgia in Georgia.

Source: Georgia Institute of Technology Official Website

In addition, Georgetown University, a top university in Washington, D.C. area, has also reinstated its SAT/ACT requirements. For students who are unable to take the test due to the impact of the epidemic, the university encourages students to continue to apply. But at the same time, students need to provide explanation for why they are not able to take the test.

Source: Georgetown University Official Website

It seems some schools haven't made up their minds about test scores yet, such as University of Texas at Austin. Although it is currently using a test-optional policy, applicants are still encouraged to submit SAT/ACT scores. It is uncertain whether UT Austin will require test scores from applicants in the future.

Source: UT Austin Official Website

This year's college application season is about to reach the final phase. We have put together the SAT/ACT submission policies for admission of Colleges in the US in Fall 2023. Most of the top 100 universities will maintain a test-optional policy, and the University of California has completely eliminated SAT and ACT scores from factors considered in applications. Note that universities have different requirements for submitting standardized test scores, marked in red in the chart below.

Test Optional: Whether to submit SAT or ACT scores is up to the student, not required by the university

Test Blind: UC 9 and Caltech adopt this policy regardless of grades

Test Required: The application must submit standardized scores: MIT, Georgetown University, University of Florida, etc.

2022 US College SAT/ACT Submission Policy

As we march into "post-pandemic" college applications, standardized scores will once again become a crucial concern for some students and their families. But after all, college application is a process of holistic review, and grades and scores are only but one factor in an applicant's profile. In addition to perfect test scores, there are still many subjective factors that an applicant can prepare for and present in their application to their dream schools. At Enlighteens, our consultants are here to help every student achieve their best in college applications and beyond. From academic and activities planning to college applications, we are here to provide our best assistance to students and their families with all kinds of backgrounds.

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