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About Us

Enlighteens Education:


Enlighteens Education Inc. provides a personalized education planning service and strength-based mentoring approach to identify each student's characters, interests, strengths, and opportunities and discover a unique education path to realize their long-term goal. 


Why We Exist:


To address the lack of individualized education planning in the current education system. 

To help students find an education path that recognizes their uniqueness and strengths.

Become trustworthy mentors by caring and inspiring
Offer a customized education plan that caters to different learning styles and opportunities
Explore & enhance students' strengths and talents
Align personal growth with community engagement
Guide students to find their own identities and set rewarding goals
Nurture students’ people skills and cultural awareness

Our Team

We are a group of committed education planners based in Northern California. Our team is comprised of educators who specialize in strength-based mentoring, individualized academic advising, extracurricular activities planning and have proven records of transforming students' futures through our unique approach.

We have teachers with a history of improving student academic performance. We are building a culture of recognizing one's uniqueness and strengths rather than judging each student by their grades and test scores alone.  We aim to help the students to find their niche that intersects between strengths, interests, and opportunities so they can maximize their chances to achieve goals. 

Admission Consultants

Education Support Team

Student Support Team


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