U.S. College Admission Factors
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UC Feeder School Ranking


  • Each high school received a score that was determined by all the sub-scores it earned from 9 UC campuses.

  • The sub-score a high school earned from a particular UC campus reflects the relative difficulty of getting in and how well this high school fed this UC campus compared to other schools in the same region.

  • All the data being used in the model came from UC’s official admission website.

  • No private high schools were included in this project. There were a considerable number of international students studying in private schools—those whose acceptance rate at many UC campuses was significantly higher than local kids. 

  • This ranking list is to provide a reference, especially when you are considering relocation or short-term rental for a better high school experience. However, besides these numbers, it’s worth taking into account the surroundings and resources available.

2022 U.S. News Ranking

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